What Happens When Couples Photoshop Each Other

If you want to play a dangerous game, why not try BuzzFeed's couples photoshop each other game? The caption to the video simply reads, "The couples will photoshop each other with the help of a professional photo retoucher, they can go as crazy as they want," which sums up what you're about to see. Now, I don't know about you, but that sounds like some serious relationship roulette to me. I mean, asking one partner to alter the other partner's appearance with retouching seems like a really easy way to really offend the photoshopped partner. How would you feel if your partner changed features about you that you yourself hated?

On the other hand, it's a marvelous goof, as you'll see in the video. The couples have been together for varying amounts of time, the shortest being one year, another couple being one year and a half, and the third couple, longest running couple having dated for three years. My favorite is the dude who wants to see his girlfriend aged. Preparing for the future much? It's interesting to see how different people take to this task. If it were me, I'd see what my boyfriend looked like as a live action Simpson, because when else are you going to get the chance to do that? Here are some of the highlights from the photoshopping session:

1. The Old Lady Effect

2. Bulked Up Super Hero Arms

3. '90s Boy Band Frosted Tips

4. '90s Era Will Smith Fro

5. A Nicki Minaj Pink Wig

Watch the whole thing below and see what other alterations the couples made to one another:

Images: YouTube (6)