Paul Rudd as Ant-Man Would Bring a Welcome & Funny Twist to Dark Superhero Movies

According to reports, Paul Rudd might star as Marvel superhero Ant-Man. Based on the Marvel comic books about a brilliant scientist who invents a substance that can alter his size and allows him to talk to insects, this latest venture will certainly stand out from the other Marvel films we've seen in recent years — namely, this year's dark Superman flick, Man of Steel. We can't help but assume that Ant-Man will be far lighter fare (just check out the source material), and casting Rudd seems like the perfect way to lighten up a genre that, of late, seems to have taken an edgier turn.

Paul Rudd's turn as the superhero in Ant-Man will also stand out amongst Rudd's other roles. This funny guy — who just starred in the long-awaited sequel to Anchorman — is a Judd Apatow-movie staple, and doesn't exactly scream "superhero." Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt — the actor many other fans expected to be cast in the role — has a superhero film background through his role in The Dark Knight Rises .

But just because Rudd doesn't seem like the typical action hero doesn't mean that he won't be exactly what Ant-Man needs. Aren't we sick of seeing the same chiseled, flawless faces and perfect bodies saving the day in every movie? (Okay, well, I'm not saying I totally HATE that... I'm pretty okay with watching Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill on screen). Superhero origin stories are often about an outsider gaining powers or strength and taking on challenges that they never thought that they could — and that's kind of a perfect metaphor for Paul Rudd's career. Rudd is adorable and a fantastic comedic actor, but we've never seen him take on an action-heavy role. This could be great for him.

Rudd isn't the first funny guy to take on a superhero role. In fact, his friend (and often co-star) Seth Rogen starred in The Green Hornet back in 2011. Though The Green Hornet received mixed reviews, critics praised his "pleasantly goofy" take on the role — maybe it's an indication that superhero movies really should stop taking themselves so seriously. Actors like Rogen and Rudd can make superheroes look a little different on the screen, and maybe a little more relatable, too. We totally buy actors like Rudd and Rogen as people who had greatness thrust upon them, and watching them deal with the complications of their new powers or special skills is kind of like watching ourselves on screen.

If Rudd accepts the role, we'll be excited to see his take on Ant-Man. The film is slated to be released summer of 2015.