Fall Is Here At Last! These 5 Looks Will Get You Inspired For Cooler Temps — No Matter Where You're Headed

New beginnings, crisp mornings, pumpkin spice lattes, pretty leaves ... I know we're all sad to see summer go, but fall is actually the best. (Fight me on this, I dare you.) Sweater weather is very real, and after months of cutoffs and tanks, it is high time for a change. To be honest, fall dressing is way more sophisticated, and the cooler weather means more options for layering, revisiting the classics, and experimenting with new trends. While summer tends to be about wearing as little as possible, fall means diving back into your closet, making some fun new purchases, and becoming excited abut getting dressed again. If you aren't picturing Anne Hathaway's makeover montage in The Devil Wears Prada right now, you should be. I'm craving boots and hats just thinking about it.

Whether you're heading back to school, planning a trip, or simply embracing the season as you go about your regular routine, mixing up your look can be surprisingly invigorating. We've teamed up with H&M to show you how to go all-out this autumn, no matter the occasion. Even if you aren't about to build a whole new wardrobe, these pieces are ultra-affordable, and ideal for mixing in with your favorite staples or seasonal splurges. Now all you need is a wine-red manicure and some pre-Halloween candy to snack on while you plan your next ensemble.

1. For Weekend Fun

1. Necklace With Pendant, $7.99; 2. Linen-Blend Top, $17.99; 3. iPhone Case, $7.99; 4. Leather Tassel Key Ring; 5. Wool-Blend Coat, $99; 6. Slim Regular Ankle Jeans, $39.99; 7. Knit Hat, $5.99; 8. Shoes, $24.99

2. For Travel

1. Cat Sleep Mask; 2. Fine-Knit Sweater, $24.99; 3. Travel Document Holder, $7.99; 4. Scarf, $24.99; 5. Girlfriend Jeans, $39.99; 6. The Girl In The Spider's Web, Amazon, $16.77; 7. Handbag, $39.99; 8. Shoes, $24.99

3. For Girls' Night

1. 4-Pack Bracelets, $7.99; 2. Short Mock Turtleneck Top, $7.99; 3. Parka, $39.99; 4. iPhone Case, $12.99; 5. Bag, $29.99; 6. Wrap-Front Skirt, $24.99; 7. Sneakers, $39.99

5. For Work

1. Tape Dispenser, $5.99; 2. Flannel Shirt, $24.99; 3. Patterned Coat, $79.99; 4. Reusable Carry Cup With Lid, $9.99; 5. Slim-Fit Pants, $34.99; 6. Wristwatch, $29.99; 7. Handbag, $49.99; 8. Patent Loafers, $34.99

4. For A Dinner Party

1. Handbag, $39.99; 2. Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater, $24.99; 3. Scented Candle, $9.99; 4. Eyelash Curler, $4.99; 5. Cuff Bracelet, $5.99; 6. Textured-Weave Coat, $59.99; 7. Kabuki Brush, $6.99; 8. Jacquard-Weave Skirt, $24.99; 9. Knee-High Boots, $59.99

This post is sponsored by H&M.