How To Make Thigh High Socks Stay Up

Are your thigh high socks not staying so high after all? Whether you're wearing thigh high socks or tights for a costume or just to stay cozy this season, you'll want to know how to make thigh high socks stay up because it's a little more difficult than you probably realize.

Socks and tights are notorious for causing wardrobe malfunctions. When they go wrong, they go really wrong. They either fall straight to your ankles at the most inopportune time or they rip on the way down. The problem with your socks staying in place can be a lot of things: The socks themselves are too big, there could be too much friction and movement between your socks and shoes, or the sock's fabric or design isn't ideal for your activity of choice. Whatever the reason, there are a few tried and true solutions that will keep your high socks in place.

I searched the web for helpful products that will keep your socks exactly where you want them to be and came up withe some interesting finds. No, you don't have to wear clips dangling from your undergarments like a french maid. By the power of technology (and a little ingenuity) here are my top wardrobe tools to help keep everything in it's rightful place.

1. SPANX Topless Trouser Socks

SPANX is practically an institution for keeping things tucked in and in place, so when I found out they make socks to stay put, I was in love.

SPANX Topless Trouser Socks, $7,

2. Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive

A great item to take with you in a night out clutch, so you can reapply as needed.

Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive, $10, Amazon

3. Fogal's Chouchou Hold Ups

If you're looking for a reliable pair of thigh highs, these are designed to wear for hours without budging. They're from The Great Gatsby collection, so perfect for a Halloween costume!

Fogal's Chouchou Hold Ups, $56.99,

4. Victoria's Secret Satin Top Sheer Thigh Highs

The wider the band, the more likely your thigh highs will stay high.

Victoria's Secret Satin Top Sheer Thigh Highs, $14.00,

5. Hollywood Fashion Tape

A simple, affordable go-to you can get your hands on anywhere, from Walmart to Walgreens. This tape works for anything, so use it however and wherever you need to.

Hollywood Fashion Tape, $8, Amazon

6. Johnson's Baby Powder

Lotion on your legs can cause slippage, so a dusting of baby powder post-shower can help keep things in place. The drier your skin, the better.

Johnson's Baby Powder, $7, Amazon

Image: Stock Snap/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands