New Miley Cyrus Single "Adore You" Aligns with Singer's Master Plan

World, get ready for more Miley Cyrus! What's that? You never stopped hearing about Miley Cyrus? Well then get ready for her continued constant presence in your news feed! Because Miley Cyrus has a new single coming out, and the cover art was just revealed Thursday afternoon.

As of late, Cyrus has been pigeonholed as the girl whose twitter bio contains the word "rump" and who twerked with Care Bears while smoking pot on stage and flashing her boobs at a digital kitten (or some amalgamation of that). This new single art, however, is already raising eyebrows — due to the fact that it doesn't look like the usual Terry Richardson-tinged fare.

The single art (a glimpse of which you can see above and the whole thing which you can see below) is already being discussed as a departure for Cyrus — but it's really, really not.

One thing that it's easy to forget about Cyrus these past few months — aka the months that almost made "twerk" the word of the year — is that this current incarnation of her is not the only one we've witnessed in the tenure of her musical career; not even close. And no, I'm not even talking about her Hannah Montana days: That was Disney Channel pure and simple, we should not lump it into the same category as the rest of her career.

No, I'm talking about Miley Cyrus, dressed like a sparkly Stevie Nicks, belting "Landslide" live from Brisbane:

ThatsForKillinFrosty on YouTube

There's also Cyrus-as-Avril-Lavigne, in argyle and converse railing against boys:

HollywoodRecordsVEVO on YouTube

And Cyrus as...a bird? Or as a long-haired vixen declaring her independence.

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

Cyrus in her current incarnation is a pixie-cut twerk machine, yes; Bangerz and every inch of press that had accompanied it is a testament to that. "Adore You" is a single with cover art that reflects a vaguely different side: A softer, more wistfully romantic one.

We've yet to hear the actual song yet, but regardless: No matter what that song sounds like, Cyrus is not at the end of her line here. If her successes this year have taught us anything — and they were successes, because despite the thinkpieces and the public complaints, she's still selling a hell of a lot of albums — it's that this girl's not going anywhere quite yet.

And if her career so far has taught us anything? It's that this isn't the last version of Miley Cyrus we're gonna be seeing.

Images: RCA Records