Wanna Grab A Beer With Lindsey Graham?

The GOP undercard debate on Wednesday night actually proved to be a pretty spirited, entertaining affair, thanks in large part to a hard-charging resurgence from South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Following his muted, downright lethargic performance in the August 6 debate, Graham came out on the offensive this time around. And despite all the neoconservative fervor, he had at least one idea we can all get behind: If he's elected, he wants everyone to start drinking more. Here are eight people who want to get beer with Lindsey Graham as much as you do. You can kind of tell that he'd be an entertaining drunk.

Graham has voiced this opinion before, suggesting that a little social lubricant and some good-faith hanging out could help salve some of the fractured, polarized nature of Washington politics. On Wednesday night, he brought it up in the context of Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill knocking a few back while negotiating raising the retirement age in the 1980s. And it seems like a fair amount of people on Twitter wouldn't mind doing the same with Graham, despite the risk of some political differences cropping up here and there. Here are eight examples.