The 9 Rules of Weekend Relaxation, Via Instagram

Is anyone else feeling totally run-down this week as Christmas approacheth? I just spent the most exhausting evening in the seventh layer of hell, aka the American Mall. I feel like I dropped about ten million dollars on stuff my family won't even like, and I have some major blisters going on. To add insult to injury, I didn't even treat myself to a peppermint mocha. What was I thinking?

If you're in the same sugared-out, very rocky boat that I am, let's look at some soothing pictures of calming activities and lower our collective heart rate. Once we're done with work today, it's time to seriously unplug, somehow snag a glass of hot buttered rum, and listen to a few carols while taking deep breaths before Christmas screeches up in all its lovely but highly stressful, glittery, wrapping-paper-everywhere, small-talk filled glory.

Image: @passionatelycreative_k/Instagram

Rule #1: Pull on thick, colorful socks

If there’s someone out there who can fully relax with cold toes, I have yet to meet them.

Image: @designlovefest/Instagram

Rule #2: Try tea instead of coffee

I know it’s your “morning ritual” and all, but ain’t nothing less relaxing than the jitters. You can still get your caffeine fix — and channel the British — with a cup of black tea and a splash of cream.

Image: @carineadhinata/Instagram

Rule #3: Go for a brisk walk

Even if you’re just trotting around your block, it’s a perfect excuse to pile on scarves and sweaters. Hashtag it with me now: #christmasspirit

Image: @voguemagazine/Instagram

Rule #4: Wrap those presents

I know they’re stressing you out. Throw yourself a little wrapping party and knock ‘em all out at once.

Image: @katespadeny/Instagram

Rule #5: Cuddle with your childhood stuffed animals

Home with the parents? See if you can find your old dolls, teddy bears, and that weird stuffed unicorn you never quite learned to sleep without. It’s not creepy if it’s nostalgic.

Image: @julnamaree/Instagram

Rule #6: Steal all the pillows

Build yourself a pillow fort and never come out.

Image: @katelandersstyle/Instagram

Rule #7: Try morning pages

After a week of last-minute Christmas shopping, your mind could use a little decluttering. Write for a solid 20 minutes in the morning, freehand and stream-of-conscious. Cinnamon candles recommended.

Image: @sans_moi/Instagram

Rule #8: Steal some Christmas lights for your bed

Who says the living room deserves all the twinkle?

Image: @littledragon1/Instagram

Rule #9: Bond with your sister

Now that you’re back home, it’s the perfect excuse to get sisterly manicures, go on coffee runs, watch old home movies, and do all those cheesy things that only happen in movies — until you make them happen in real life. (No sister? Substitute one of the following: brother, mom, dad, best friend, pet, houseplant.)

Image: @kyliejenner/Instagram