Food Was Trending At London Fashion Week

Fashion may be in a serious normcore funk right now, but across the pond in London, the scene is decidedly more...delicious. This season, a predominant trend emerged at London Fashion Week: Of all things, food is apparently top of mind for London's top designers. By the way, inspired by my findings, I'm reporting this all to you live while eating coffee-flavored gelato.

Perhaps it's a statement about fashion at large, an industry that is often accused of promoting unhealthy physical standards that result in more than a fair share of issues. Or, perhaps the British designers and editors responsible for the food trend were just plain hungry. I've worked for a couple designers myself, so I know firsthand that when there's a big show coming up, it's munch, er, crunch time. There's often not time to eat well. So maybe the ubiquity of food at LFW is an artistic and physical manifestation of actual hunger in the form of prints, accessories, and runway props for the Spring/Summer 2016 collections.

From models live-making sandwiches (no word yet if they were eaten by those in attendance) to earrings made out of star-fruit, here are all the times that food was front-and-center at LFW:

1.) Models hand-crafted sandwiches at Molly Goddard

Goddard channeled the ennui of youth by having the models at her presentation whip up sandwiches in bulk, assembly-line style. I just hope she has a good dry cleaner on call...

2.) Earrings made out of fruit and eggplant purses at ytinifninfinity

First an emoji, and now a purse; who knew that eggplant would be one of the hottest trends du jour? This is actual a genius — and quite versatile — hack for a healthy snack on the go. ytinifninfinity designer Victor Barragan is totally onto something here.

(By the way, how do you pronounce ytinifninfinity?)

3.) Hunger Magazine just launched

A surefire sign that something is trending is when a magazine about it launches. Hunger Magazine just may be proof positive that food is definitely on everyone's mind on London's fashion scene.

4.) Donuts are slated to be big in SS16:

This should have come as no surprise to those with invites to the party-themed Phiney Pet show, though. The invites came packed with sprinkles!

5.) But if you don't have a sweet tooth, you can always go for fish and chips:

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Typical Freaks paid homage to the UK's favorite pub foods with this shout-out to fish and chips.

6.) Models munched on fast food:

Miles Willis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Is The Uniform's presentation at Conde Nast College celebrated teen angst and boring family vacations by having models pose languidly, propped up against walls or sitting backwards on chairs while noshing on fries, sipping juice boxes, or (somewhat seductively) sucking on lollipops.


Not a bad gig...

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