There's A New Oreo Flavor In Town

Autumn is usually all about pumpkin spice–flavored everything, but this year, Oreo is unveiling a new, delicious-sounding cookie that will make you rethink your favorite fall flavors: the Toasted Coconut Oreo. Yum.

Apparently, shoppers spotted packages of the Toasted Coconut Oreos on shelves at Meijer stores this week. The new Oreo is composed of a vanilla cookie with coconut-flavored crème on the inside. Plus, according to the box, the filling contains flakes of actual toasted coconut. Sounds pretty darn good, no?

Luckily, it seems the cookies are just as tasty as their packaging promises. Per Consumerist, an early review of the new treat describes it as "a crunchy, portable version of a coconut cream pie." A coconut pie–like cookie? Count me in.

Oreo has since confirmed that toasted coconut is indeed its latest limited-edition flavor and will be available at select retailers beginning this week. Unfortunately, that means shoppers are likely going to have to hunt a little harder to get their hands on the Toasted Coconut Oreos, as they may not be available in usual markets. Still, from the sounds of it, all the extra work will be worth it once you take your first bite. I mean, check out these Twitter reviews:

It's been a busy summer for Oreo fans, who have also seen the likes of Brownie Batter Oreos and Oreo Thins hit the shelves to much applause in the last few months. Seriously, is there any way to make an Oreo taste bad? I don't think so — and I definitely can't wait to see what else the future has in store for my favorite sandwich cookie.

Image: theimpulsivebuy/Flickr