Kim Kardashian's Christmas Present to a Pizzeria Staff Was Her Presence, Of Course

Well, this is kind of sweet in a American-society-maybe-puts-too-much-value-on-celebrities kind of way: According to People, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surprised staff at Chicago pizzeria Giordano's by popping in unexpectedly to enjoy authentic Chicago-style pizza. (Even though New York pizza is by far the best — SUCK IT, CHI-TOWN.)

Ahem, anyway... according to those present when the couple graced Chicago with their importance and presence, Chicago-native West and Kardashian ordered their pizza, then offered to take photos with the staff after they were finished eating. However, before any photos could be taken, Kardashian got a phone call and left the restaurant, leaving West to take all the photos with the staff himself. Looking at one of the pics, I can't tell if that made him unhappy or if that's just his face — so let's just move on.

After the couple left, Kardashian reportedly realized that she had "spaced out" during the phone call, and promptly told the driver to turn back around so she could take her own photos with the staff — apologizing for the unintentional snub. See, that's kind of sweet, right? I'm sure we'll get to hear all about it on her TV show, of course.

Starstruck by the couple, Giordano's has reportedly now offered to keep Kardashian and West "stocked up on Chicago-style pizza" until their next visit.