Kim Kardashian Tells Khloe She's Pregnant In Armenia On 'KUWTK' & It Makes Their Trip That Much Sweeter

After what I personally refer to as the Kardashian drought of 2015, my favorite family is finally back — and Sunday night's season premiere was a pretty solid way to return. As you probably already know if you've even glanced at Instagram in the past few months, Kim and Khloe finally took that trip to Armenia that they've been talking about forever. Yes, the photos were fabulous (especially the ones from when North was baptized), but the actual footage is even better, especially since a pretty epic moment happened during the trip. As soon as they arrived, Kim told Khloe she's pregnant with her second child, and it definitely made their voyage that much more special.

It all started after Kim got a phone call from her doctor filling her in on the good news after once they got to their hotel after battling a huge barrage of excited fans. She couldn't keep the news to herself, because duh — this is big!

"I just got the blood test back from my doctor, and I am pregnant!" Kim announced, making everyone watching the episode at home dissolve into a puddle of happy tears. No? Just me?

Later in the episode, Kim FaceTimed Kris (who stayed home) to fill her in on the good news, and she reacted even better than Khloe did. There was profanity, there were tears, and it's official: She's super pumped to be a grandma again, especially after what a struggle it was for Kim and Kanye to make this happen. In fact, Kris was excited enough that she decided to hop a flight over so that she wouldn't miss this experience with her daughters — how adorable is that?!

OK, so the awesome outfits, beautiful sights, and all the family heritage discoveries they made in Armenia were awesome, but Kim finding out that she's pregnant in the land of her ancestors? That's definitely unforgettable.