'Community' Season 5 Trailer Uses Bitstrip-Style Animation To Try To Win Us Back

By now we all know that NBC graciously gave the former cult hit Community another chance to impress us with a fifth season, against all odds. Now, Community has yet another Season 5 trailer. It seems NBC is starting to realize that the cult excitement has faded, thanks in great part to the news that Donald Glover is leaving mid-season and the extreme discontent with Season 4. There is hope, seeing as the series creator Dan Harmon is back as showrunner, but if this trailer tells us anything, it's that NBC still doesn't totally understand its little show that could.

Adopting the aesthetic of the scourge of your Facebook feed, Bitstrips, the Community gang reassembles the fam and begs us to watch the series' return. The thing is, we already desperately want to believe that the show can come back to us — and that it can work once Glover makes his departure, which he explained is about him, not the show. The problem is the outlook isn't all that promising considering what happened the last time the series experienced a shakeup at the outset of Season 4.

So, NBC, stop flooding our feeds with promos designed to please them there internet people and just make the hour-long premiere on Jan. 2 worth our time. The only way we'll believe Community is really Community again is when we see it with our own two eyes.


Image: NBC