This 'Community' Cartoon Christmas Short Will Whet Your Palate For Season 5

Ah, nothing puts us in the holiday cheer like a good...extended cartoon promo for a live-action sitcom. We may have our priorities out of whack. Whatever: We're extremely excited that Community Season 5 premieres in less than two weeks. We're also excited about this Community cartoon holiday short that NBC's released in preparation for that fateful day.

The short finds our very own antihero Jeff Winger living the lawyer glam life (apparently in an apartment with no furniture), only to be visited by Dean Pelton, who's got his besties stuffed in his Santa pouch (not a euphemism, but you never really know with Dean Pelton).

The short is filled with meta reference upon meta reference — for instance, Chevy Chase's Pierce Hawthorne did not survive the trip, and Donald Glover's Troy Barnes goes to speak only to find that his voice actor's already left the show and so all he can really do is make generic barfing sounds.

Community's in a position few shows ever have been with this season — a fired-then-rehired showrunner alongside and a departing actor, alongside all the guest stars in the universe. It's yet to be clear how they're going to be dealing with all of that rampant change — but this is Community, and it was never really good with staying stagnant in the first place.

Image: NBC