The Phonebrella Lets You Text In The Rain

Avid mobile users are celebrating a groundbreaking innovation: an umbrella that lets you text in the rain. The Phonebrella marks an extraordinary advance in the meteorological apparel industry. Its sleek, award-winning design features a circular arm hook, replacing a basic handle. Users can slide their arms through the hook and allow the umbrella to rest on their shoulder, freeing up both hands for optimal texting. Because of the anatomically considerate shape of the hook, the umbrella will stand upright and still against your chest, freeing up your attention for your important texts. No longer will texters struggle in the rain. No longer will chins and necks and mouths and armpits be necessary accessories. We can finally say goodbye to wet screens and unrecognizable fingerprints.

The heroes behind the Phonebrella, KT Corporation (a South Korean telephone company), released a promotional video, introducing their product to the public and blowing minds internationally. In the video, two Academy-bound actors bring to life the trials and tribulations of pre-Phonebrella texting. A gorgeous, damp man writhes about in the rain, juggling his umbrella and phone, when a striking, cherubic heroine saves the day by offering her Phonebrella. The basic storyline acts leaves room for the product to shine, and shine it does. So throw away your emergency iPhone rice supply, and join a revolution. The second limited edition Phonebrella comes in two stylish shades of black, red and gray for optimal outfit matching.

Meet the struggle

Meet the heroine

Meet the solution

Meet the stare

Watch the full demonstration below:

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