Kate Winslet's Baby Didn't Get Last Name Rocknroll, But His First Name Is Just as Bizarre

I'm usually not one to care about baby names, but in the case of Kate Winslet, I've found myself intrigued: And that is completely because of who she's married to. When the news was announced that she'd given birth to a baby boy earlier this month, I immediately wondered — like so many others — if the kid would share a surname with his father, who is officially and legally, by personal choice, named Ned Rocknroll. On one hand, it's certainly unique, but on another... well, Rocknroll. Luckily for the newborn, though, it seems as if the new parents were able to keep their wits about them during the naming process: According to People, Kate Winslet's son's name is Bear Winslet.

At first glance, Bear may seem a strange choice for a name, but it's actually not that uncommon: In addition to Winslet's newborn, other famous dudes named Bear include Bear Grylls, and Alicia Silverstone's kid, Bear Blu. Someone start a club for these guys.

Unusual baby names are nothing new for A-listers. Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Blue Ivy — when those kids are teenagers, the parents who thought they were so different by giving their kid a unique name are going to have to deal with all that overwhelming resent because "why couldn't you have just named me something normal?!" Winslet's kid may have dodged a bullet with his last name, but his first name certainly stands out.

The news of Winslet's name choice was confirmed by her spokesperson to both People and Metro UK. According to a source close to the couple, the family is said to be doing well.