Political Nail Art Options Are Aplenty

If you thought nail art was on life support, think again. The trend just got major lifeforce boost. How? Well, a Hillary Clinton fan expressed support through nail art, all the whole quoting Beyonce. Can it get any more perfect and empowering than that?! And you thought Kardashian family nail art was extending the trend's shelf life.

However, political nail art isn't new and women can express their views via their nails in many ways!

This particular Hil supporter showed her love for the political across all 10 of her digits. Clinton shared the photo on her Instagram, once again reminding us what a modern presidential candidate she is. She certainly grabbed the attention of her female constituents with this post.

The nail art is incredibly detailed and almond-shaped. One hand is painted a bright crimson, with the words "Who Run the World" spread across each finger. That's a nod to Beyonce's percussive, girl power anthem "Run the World (Girls)." The other hand boasts an avatar version of Clinton, with blonde hair, red lips, and a blue power suit.

The red, white, and blue color palette is not lost on me, either. It's a fun way to show support without getting all soapbox-y.

But as stated, this sort of nail art isn't a new concept and doesn't always require a trip to the salon.

Doesn't that make you want to a similar mani? You can visit a technician with and mad skills to get something similar. It won't be cheap, though. Remember when Katy Perry endorsed President Obama with her nails?

If you want to show your political side via your fingers, there are lots of nail wraps out there to help you achieve the desired goal.

1. Where Is The Love? On Your Nails

If you heart Hil, you can totally express it "digitally." This version is all about graphics making a statement without lots of words. ($23,

2. Trumped Up

There's a Donald Trump-supporting nail wrap because of course there is. I'd have preferred this wrap to have a pic of The Donald and his combover for some comedic relief. ($22,

3. Patriotism Not Politicism

This stars and stripes option lets you get be patriotic without being too political ($22,

4. Words With Friends

You can, however, make your statements loud and proud via your nails. It's totally up to you. ($22,

5. Loud & Proud Endorsement

Here's another way to let the world know you are behind Clinton. ($20,

6. "Toe" The Party Line

You can also let 'em know which team you bat for. Put one on your big toe and "toe" the party line. ($22,

You can make a political statement with your mani in both light and heavy but totally artful ways.

Before you go, here's a little Bey for day. Who run this mutha...?

Images: Hillary Clinton/Instagram (1); Twitpic (1); Courtesy of Zazzle (6)