You Need To Watch 'HTGAWM' Season 2

Booze and popcorn are TGIT essentials, but what if you don't watch your shows on a television? Can you stream How To Get Away With Murder Season 2? By the power of Frank's vests and the justice trophy, I can assure you that it's super simple.

With cable provider information, you can actually stream How To Get Away With Murder live on your laptop or other device on the ABC website. That's awesome! You can also use the Watch ABC app to stream or catch previously aired episodes in the same places. In addition to that, you can now stream the entire first season of How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix. However, if you don't have cable access, don't give up! You can still buy season passes or individual episodes on a service like iTunes or Amazon, or stream episodes later in other ways.

You're going to want to keep up, especially if you want to know [spoiler alert] who killed Rebecca. While we may never be free from the cheerleader-tossing flashback, the new season has a lot of new mysteries to tackle. Where did Frank come from and what is his real job? A lot happened with the Keating Five last year and there are several HTGAWM Season 1 clues to keep track of as we go into the premiere.

Are you caught up now? Here are some other ways to stream Season 2.


The streaming service will put up full episodes the day after they air. Whether you watch Hulu on your laptop, Smart TV, or tablet, it's the best option.


If you have the opposite problem, meaning that you do you do have a television but not the time or DVR, you should definitely count your OnDemand listings among your best friends. They basically record your shows for you without asking. You don't have to have more than basic cable to access them, either. See? No matter what your situation, it's easy to stream How To Get Away With Murder.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC; Giphy (2)