The Curtains Literally Fall On Fiorina — VIDEO

During a speech to women business owners in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday evening the stage curtains collapsed on Carly Fiorina. Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek was in the audience taking video when all of a sudden a very large backdrop of curtains fell over Fiorina and into the crowd. Luckily, because they're curtains, the background fell around Fiorina, and she was able to stay standing at the podium, soon returning to answer questions.

In fact, she even threw a little joke in there, too. As the curtains fell, some jokester in the audience thought it'd be clever to yell, "Trump!" to insinuate the Republican frontrunner was behind the collapse. Fiorina responded with ease, something she's shown incredible prowess in throughout the GOP debates and in other interviews and speeches, as she replied, "Trump, Hillary — it could've been lots of people."

No one was injured in the drape disaster. Fiorina, the Austin, Texas, native who has been rising in the polls lately, was in San Antonio to use her experience as the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard as well as her time spent at other companies to speak to current female business owners.

Fiorina topped off the curtain collapse by telling the audience, "Ladies, I'm plenty tough enough to be Commander in Chief."