Billy Made A Dangerous Deal On 'Blood & Oil' & It Won't End Well For Him

There were a lot of big contracts and deals made right out of the gate on ABC's Blood & Oil, and honestly I am pretty sure some of them were astoundingly bad. Let me back up. The show sets up the action nicely with Billy and Cody LeFever (Chace Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse) striking out to North Dakota, capitalizing on the oil boom by launching their own chain of laundry mats. Of course this is shot to hell in the first five minutes as a truck runs them off the road, trashing all of the machines. One thing leads to another (just go with it this show moves fast) and they decide to get into the oil game themselves. Cody hears about a piece of land that Hap Briggs (Don Johnson) — the biggest oil tycoon in the state — is going after. Billy takes that as a sign and goes after it himself.

After taking out a huge loan, getting into another car crash and striking a deal with the landowner, he gets it. This means he has leverage to negotiate with Hap, and boom, just like that they are millionaires and partners with Hap himself. They are thrilled but they should really be terrified because Billy just made a deal with the devil. Sure Hap is all smiles now, calling them partners and telling Billy he reminds him of himself — but I think this is all just a business tactic and he is going to destroy them for taking the land right out from under him.

It was a good deal (for the short term) but is bound to blow up in their faces, especially since Hap strikes me as a take no prisoners kind of guy, and they have everything to lose now that Cody is (surprise!) pregnant. Hopefully they know what they are doing because they only have two real friends and Hap seems like a very bad enemy to have.

Images: Fred Hayes/ABC