Watch These People Share The Stories Of Their Parents Getting Divorced — VIDEO

Divorce is never easy, just as it wasn't easy for these people to share their stories of when their parents got divorced. BuzzFeed has put together a video of kids (now adults) talking about the memories and how they felt about it at the time versus now. As a child of divorce, it's interesting to see how other people's parents' divorce affected them. Some of the people in the video had their parents divorce when they were very young, while some are going through those divorces now, after 40 years of marriage. The way I've always seen it is divorce, like all kinds of crappy things in life, happens. And parents are, weirdly, just also humans who are looking for happiness. But it still hurts when it happens to your parents.

If you're a child of divorce, then beware: this video might stir up some emotions you weren't ready for on a Monday. Because of course, as much as we all want our parents to be happy, there's also an irrational desire to have them be happy together, against all odds. As we know from our own relationships, however, that's not always possible. The things you want to work out don't always work out, and it's sad, but that's life. Sad things happen. Here are some of the memories of divorce from the people in the video:

1. Initial Horror

2. Confusion

3. Recognizing The Larger Context

4. Long Lasting Issues

5. Thriving Against Adversity

Watch the entire, emotional thing below:

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