'Fleming: The Man Who Would Become Bond' Trailer Shows The Original Hugh Hefner

BBC America is at it again with a new origin series about one of America's favorite brits, Ian Fleming. Fleming: The Man Who Would Become Bond got a new trailer featuring Dominic Cooper as the famed writer. But this film isn't about the author's most noteworthy character James Bond, it's about the man himself. But coincidentally, it appears these two ideas, the man and the fictional spy, were pretty much the same person. They also remind us of one American celebrity: Hugh Hefner.

Hefner even went as far as saying that Fleming was influenced by his (yes his, like he owns them) Playboy bunnies when dreaming up his Bond girls. "I know that Fleming was influenced by Playboy. What are Bond girls but bunnies really?" he said in 2011.

The two men lived during a similar time, they both formed careers around the objectification of women, a fact exploited in the minute long spot. We see Cooper as Fleming seducing women left and right, lying one after another (sort of like that scene in Wedding Crashers) down in his bed and saying things like, "I collect...things that take my fancy." Funny, Hefner collects those things too.

But their insatiable appetites for the female form aren't the only thing these men have in common. Hefner was an Army soldier in WWII, and Fleming worked in the Naval Intelligence Division during the same time. Both men were inspired to publish their opuses because of their careers during the second world war. For Hefner, it was contributing comics to the army's paper which launched his dream of opening his very own men's magazine, and for Fleming, the story of a "spy to end all spies" was prompted by working in naval intelligence. He was even involved in a mission called Operation Goldeneye.

Hefner and Fleming were also both very wealthy, and able to enjoy the spoils of being a single man with money to blow and women to impress. The miniseries, which will follow Fleming at the start of WWII, premieres January 29 at 10 pm.

Can you spot any other similarities between the two famous playboys? Watch the trailer below:

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