New 'Sherlock' Season 3 Photos Show Sherlock and John In A New Dynamic, Here's What We Want

Sherlock is soon. So, so soon! Oh god, am I hyperventilating? Where was I? Oh yeah: Sherlock 's Season 3 has some more official stills, and they will no doubt cause yet another round in the Internet game of Sherlock hyperventilation (see above) and detailed image-deducing, especially in the wake of this week's feelings-laden Sherlock minisode.

The stills themselves — of which there are four, all of which you can see over at Buzzfeed — all feature both the show's leads, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, together, and are from Season 3's second episode, "The Sign Of Three." That episode, of course, is the one featuring John's marriage to Mary Morstan (played by Amanda Abbington, Martin Freeman's real-life partner).

It all, as any new exhale of breath from those involved in Sherlock does at the moment, triggers us into yet another spiel about what we're looking forward to most in this coming season. So, to avoid the usual nonstop ranting (which I'm sure I'll force on you once the episode airs), here are some of the things I want:

  • Much interaction — and limited misogyny, both in the writing and in the fandom — between John, Sherlock, and Mary Morstan. Basically everyone loving John, that's what I want.
  • John to be mad at Sherlock for faking his death for three years. This will surely happen.
  • For Sherlock to still be Sherlock. In other words: Obstinant, unable to read social cues or respond well to emotions, utterly brilliant, and completely enamored with John but with a general lack of understanding that his faking his death for three years kind of effed things up majorly for John, re: emotions and life.
  • This show's about mysteries, too, right? Fine I guess I also want a mystery.
  • Hugging. For the love of god let John and Sherlock hug!
  • Many jokes about that mustache.

Five days, folks. Gird your hearts.

Images: BBC