'The OC' Knows The Deal With Breakups

By Kaitlin Reilly

Face it: breakups suck. Even if you're the one who ended things, you're likely still hurting from the fact that you had to crush someone else's heart. If you were the one who got dumped, you're inevitably headed to wallow city for a while to nurse either your broken heart or your bruised pride. Sadly, the longer you stay in this state of mourning, the less patient your friends tend to get with your ex-bashing and/or moodiness. One person who will never let you down, though? The O.C. 's Summer Roberts, aka the fictional BFF who totally gets why you need to call your ex at 4 a.m.

Summer may be one half of ultimate OTP couple Seth and Summer, but she still has plenty of relationship horror stories to share. Seth may be a great boyfriend now, but let's not forget about the time he ultimately rejected Summer despite the fact that she showed up to his house in a Wonder Woman costume. (Summer bounced back, but that was definitely a knock at her pride.) Summer's been through it all with boys, so who better to borrow quotes from when you're going through your own hellish breakup, and its often even more hellish aftermath?

If you're looking for the exact right thing to say about your own breakup, look no farther than these amazing Summer quotes. This girl totally gets it.

1. When Your Boyfriend Says That He "Needs Time" Apart

So, uh, bye, bye, boyfriend.

2. After You've Ranted About Your Breakup To Your Co-Worker For 10 Minutes In The Break Room

You have zero idea how long you've been talking about this, but your coffee is cold and your co-worker looks scared.

3. When You Start Thinking Of Reasons Why Your Ex Broke Up With You

You're wonderful, so drugs is the only explanation for his ludicrous decision.

4. When Your Ex Comes Crawling Back

You've watched every movie in the Nicholas Sparks collection and tried every limited edition flavor of Oreo to get over this breakup, so fat chance that your ex is getting back into this situation.

5. When You See Your Ex Is Facebook Official With Someone New

You're sure she's lovely. The "ew" is for the fact that both of you actually chose to date that.

6. When You Talk To Your Mutual Friend About Your Ex

It's not very mature, but the heart wants what it wants.

7. When Your Ex Asks If You've Been Badmouthing Him To Your Friends

But also, sorry not sorry.

8. When You Have An Epiphany About Your Love Life

And maybe you should move on from boys to men? The world is an ocean of possibilities.

9. When You Realize You're Actually Ready To Move On

You're so much better off without your ex. And saying it no longer feels like a lie.

Just stick to Summer's words, and you'll ace your next breakup. Promise.

Images: Giphy (8); tylerwestside/Tumblr