Here's Why 'Justin Bieber's Believe' Completely Tanked at the Box Office... In Gifs!

Hey! Did you hear about Justin Bieber’s new documentary that was released on Christmas? No? You didn’t? Well, that’s cool. Apparently no one else did either. Not even his Beliebers. Justin Bieber’s Believe, the 90-minute behind-the-scenes look into the life of the one man headline that is Justin Bieber absolutely tanked at the box office. It brought in a mere $1.25 million on its opening day. His last film Never Say Never opened to a $12 million box-office. Zoinks!

The movie opened just one day after the Bieb’s announced his supposed retirement via Twitter, and it looks like his fans did, too. Or maybe they just got fed up with his antics. Or realized that all of the screaming, t-shirts, and concert tickets are better spent on One Direction (as a lifetime Backstreet Boys fan, I totally get that — five IS better than one). As Mark Hirsch of The Boston Globe points out, the film merely talks around Bieber’s constant stream of controversy and is doing just “damage control.” No juicy gossip!? Yawn.

The Hobbit, however, continues to crush it in the box office. It brought in $9.3 million on Christmas day, just edging out The Wolf of Wall Street which brought in $9.2 million.

So quiet down, Bieber, we’ve got dragons to slay! And many, many other things to do rather than see your movie, which include...

Playing Our Favorite Games

Napping in a Onesie

Stuffing our gullets

Playing in the snow

Cozying up with a great book

And of course, Seeing 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'

Images: Jordtron/GifSoup; Tumblr; FunnyArena; Jkupferman/Wifflegif; Gemini-Dragon-Gifs; Bagginstark/Tumblr