What's The Song In The Fall 2015 H&M Ad? Get Ready To Fall In Love With These Musicians

What have we here? Yet another gorgeous H&M TV spot featuring a supermodel and a cover of an iconic song? Well, I'll be a bucket of mesh sock bun donuts sitting by the cash register! A new commercial for the Swedish clothing retailer stars model Anna Ewes and a rendition of a legendary song by a legendary band. The song in the H&M Fall In Love ad is a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning,” track number one on 1967's The Velvet Underground & Nico. So, who is behind this delightful version of the Velvet Underground classic? French pop singer Petite Meller and American indie pop singer-songwriter BØRNS joined musical forces and recorded the cover for the advert.

If you would like to hear more of Petite Meller’s music, might I suggest you start with the “Backpack” music video. You will be hooked immediately and will want to hear every Petite Meller song the Internet has to offer. Trust me. You're welcome in advance.

BØRNS’ highly anticipated debut studio album, Dopamine, is set to drop Oct. 16. This album will include catchy tracks like “Electric Love,” which you may recognize as the tune that was in that Hulu advertisement that first premiered earlier this year. You know what else will be on the album? The jam and a half that is "Emerald Pools." You're welcome in advance.

And finally, here's the iconic Velvet Underground song about waking up on the day of the week that is great, but has always been stuck in Saturday's shadow. You're welcome in advance.

Rubber Soul on YouTube

You can check out the extended cut of the ad here:

H&M on YouTube

Image: H&M/YouTube