Is Denzel Washington 'Batman Vs. Superman's Green Lantern? How Great Would That Be?

It seems Man Of Steel sequel Batman Vs. Superman (which is not actually officially called that yet) may be taking it upon itself to correct some past DC mistakes. First there was the inclusion (finally) of Wonder Woman, and now there might be a slight re-do of the Green Lantern, and said Green Lantern may be Denzel Washington, Oscar winner and general foxy man, which would be pretty cool.

Keep in mind that at this juncture these are still rumors — and very rumory rumors at that. But! Wonder Woman was once just a glimmer in the eye of the rumor mill, and you know that DC is totally cooking up the beginnings of a Justice League-type situation for this. They've already added Batman and Wonder Woman, and as Uproxx has been speculating, Nightwing may also be ready to come out and play.

Really, what better way to correct for a disaster of a first Green Lantern movie than by pretending it never happened and casting an Oscar-winning black man where a milquetoast-yet-hunky Ryan Reynolds used to be?

This is all coming alongside rumors that Washington's being considered for the part of Lex Luthor — which would also be neat. But (cue Adele!) rumor has it those reports are sniffing up the wrong character's leg:

According to our source, the Training Day actor is being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart instead. If this proves to be true, Green Lantern will join an ever growing list of members from DC’s Justice League of America that also include Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

One of the biggest issues standing in the way of us seeing this awesomeness come to be is Washington himself — or rather, him and the studio. If they don't off him enough money, he'll need to decide if it's worth his while to sign on to a three-movie deal.

This is likely far from the last we'll hear when it comes to Batman Vs. Superman casting rumors — Lex Luthor still isn't officially cast yet, and we'd wager there are some others they've got up their sleeve they're waiting to tease us with.

In the meantime, we'll be pleading for Denzel from afar.