Watch These Kids Try Dinners From Around The World & Get Adorably Dramatic — VIDEO

We all know that it is basically impossible to get kids to try new foods, but the geniuses behind this video of little kids trying dinners from around the world get it done! The kids are clueless to where the foods come from and what the foods being presented to them actually are. I give them all major points for going along with the video. I know I would have backed out the moment someone told me to eat an eyeball.

In general I make it a rule to watch kids react to things when it comes my way. There is something unfiltered and awesome about seeing their reactions. Society hasn't shaped them quite yet, so kids are able to freely make claims without fear of consequences. Why haven't we asked kids to weigh in on foreign policy yet?

I've tried some weird foods in my lifetime, mostly because of my Russian background. From cow tongue to fish eggs, I've had it all. Then I came to America and tried a PB&J sandwich and suddenly had an epiphany. All the foods I've been eating, pale in comparison to American kids food. You guys had it soooooooo good and you don't even know it!

The kids in this video are quickly learning that very concept. They try new things from other countries and their reactions vary from grossed out to totally on board. Below are some of my favorites.

Hawaiian Food

If I saw a puddle of gray pudding on my plate, I would have the same exact reaction. There is also a leaf, which I assume is wrapped around something delicious is a weird evolutionary attempt to preserve itself.

Russian Food

OK. Listen up, little boy. What you were served is HEAVEN compared to the foods I've eaten. At least they didn't give you "Shuba" to try. Do you know what Shuba is? It's a salad made out of layers. The layers go: pickled herring, grated boiled beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, mayo, more shredded beets and then a sprinkle of hardboiled egg yolk. You, little boy, got the Disneyland of Russian foods.

And finally....

The Surprise Reaction Of A Lifetime

Clearly, the parents of this little boy are lucky their child seems to be open to trying new things. Even things I personally wouldn't ever go near. Go kid, go!

Watch the full video bellow!

Images: YouTube