These People Gave Up Self-Love For A Month

Masturbation is a great way to relax, unwind, and give yourself pleasure without depending on a partner. So what might happen if you had to give up masturbating for a month? Do you think it'd be difficult, easy as pie, or somewhere in between? A group of real people decided to attempt this experiment with the help of BuzzFeed, who documented their self-imposed personal celibacy, and the results are all kinds of interesting.

Going in, it seems that most of the participants thought this challenge was going to be exactly that: Challenging. "I absolutely masturbate everyday," said a participant named Kelsey. "I think it will be really hard," another volunteer, Elvis, told BuzzFeed before the experiment began. They all seemed to be up for the task, however, and were excited to see how the experiment might change them. Ricky, another participant, said he was going to dive into work to stay focused, while Kelsey noted that her motivation was that she she "likes challenging herself."

So how did these folks actually do? Let's take a closer look into their progress to see how the month without masturbating panned out for them.

Day 1

So how did day one go? You'd think the first day of this experiment would be the easiest, but it seemed to be the opposite, perhaps because it involved breaking the habit of masturbating. "I hate this," Kelsey lamented. Ricky seemed to be in good spirits though, as he said "So far so good, no one gonna keep me down," keeping a positive attitude.

Day 3

"Oh my god! The worst part was going to see Magic Mike!" Kelsey exclaimed.

Day 10

Winston documented himself leaving to go to a pool party, which he said made him feel "a little tensed up." Later in his interviews, he said he felt that he felt that he had "more mental strength" in other areas of his life, however, so the experiment seemed to actually have positive benefits for him.

Day 18

Elvis summed it up with, "This sucks," which seems appropriate given the circumstances. However, he also explained the positive side: "I do feel better, but I feel like I'm quicker to be uncivilized."

Similarly, Ricky reported his mood being "more irritable" because of the lack of masturbation. Since masturbation relieves stress, it would make sense that felt a little more down without it.

Day 25

Ricky reported having lost track of the days, but also definitely feeling the struggle. He reported increasing his workouts to help distract him, though, so add that to the list of positive rewards that this challenge has to offer.

So now the question is, how did the end of the experiment turn out? To find out how the participants fared on Day 30, watch the full video below.

Images: Lies Thru A Lens/Flickr; BuzzFeed Yellow/YouTube(5)