Josh Hutcherson Gets a Mockingjay Salute from Kentucky Wildcats

The world's love for Josh Hutcherson: real, or not real? Oh, it's more than real. Hutcherson, who plays the beloved Peeta "Bread" Mellark opposite J-Law in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire went to a Wildcats basketball game last night in Kentucky, where he's from. Which helps to explains some of the amiable boyish charm. To me he is what I imagine Nick Lachey + a Lego's offspring to look like. Hutcherson showed up at the Wildcats game decked out in blue (gasp: like a Mockingjay) and the entire student section of the crowd saluted him with the three-finger Mockingjay salute!!! It's kismet! He's truly crushed on by everyone. Even the Kentucky Sports Radio, the university's own sports wire, wrote (or gushed, rather): "A lot of the younger ladies in Big Blue Nation just found their new screensaver." LOL. He brings out a very innocent, J-14 kind of crushin' in all of us. Look how he greets this crowd! He's such a people person, just like Peeta. Tbh I'm not about marriages for the sake of pacifying the dictator enemy state, buuut if I were Katniss I wouldn't be so salty about it. More like mocking-Heyyyyyy, am I right?

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Images: Twitter; Tumblr