Pirates Review the Most Pirated Films of 2013 YARRR!

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YARRR! A hoy hoy ye fair Bustle readers. Tis’ the end of 2013 an’ TorrentFreak has released the most pirated films of 2013. YARRRR! Tha’s right. Piratin’ is alive an’ well. Now these pirates might not hav’ been swashbucklin’ rebels who search the high seas for booty an’ adventure. Nay, these pirates be downloadin’ films from the deep and dark depths of college dorms. The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey topped the list with more ‘an 8.4 million shares. YARRRRR!

Now thankfully none a’ these films were those crocks of croc poop tha’ were the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Nay. NAY! Though most a’ the most pirated films ah’ the year were quite violent. Lots of guns, not a lot of swords (that’s two severed pirate thumbs down!). So me and me shipmates took a look at the most pirated films of the year, and here’s what we pirates have ter say:

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