Should You Reread The 'Harry Potter' Books?

Forget your quarterlife crisis, with its ever-increasing awareness of your mortality and the finite nature of our ultimately doomed universe. The real struggle of adulthood is deciding whether you should reread the Harry Potter books in their entirety or go on living your life in the ordinary Muggle fashion that you are now. Well fret no more. I'm not going to pretend I have all the answers, because I don't have to pretend. I do have all the answers. (Well, when it comes to Harry Potter, that is — go ask someone else about taxes and the meaning of life, IDK.) If you're really, truly on the fence about rereading this beloved series, this flowchart is exactly where you need to be.

I know this is an emotionally fraught decision, so I want to emphasize that this is a no-judgment zone. Maybe it's been a few years since you last read the books. Maybe the details of the plot are so foggy to you that you couldn't tell a Fizzing Whizbee from a Cauldron Cake. Maybe you're afraid that the books won't be as magical to you now as they were when you were a kid. Or maybe you're afraid that you'll be so instantly obsessed again that you won't even have time for anything else in your life. Heck, maybe you're afraid that people are going to laugh at you when they see you lugging around a giant children's novel on the subway during your morning commute (no comment). Faithful fans though we are, we all have reasons to hesitate.

But making decisions of this magnitude is what life is all about, whether you are a witch or wizard, Muggle or Squib, house elf or human pretending to be a little boy's pet rat. We are all of us united by the fact that our choices define us. So let me make this one easier on you, if I can.

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Images: Warner Bros.