SOAPnet Will Cease to Exist, Say Goodbye To Your 'Veronica Mars' & 'One Tree Hill' Vegging

For someone who's seen maybe three hours of daytime soaps in all her years of existence, I sure did spend a lot of time watching SOAPnet when I was home on break from college. This is because it was the network most likely to feature multiple-hour blocks of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, as well as that show that must not be named but which I definitely secretly watched, One Tree Hill. Which is why it's a little sad that SOAPnet is ceasing existence today.

SOAPnet, which is/was owned by Disney, catered to soap opera fans of the US, including The Young and The Restless, Days Of Our Lives (aka the former fictional home of the fictional Joey Tribiani), and General Hospital.

The announcement of the network's dissolution comes today, after years of general cutbacks in the daytime soap world, including the cancellation of the long-running One Life To Live and All My Children — both of which were revived online, the latter of which found itself cancelled again.

The show, along with its reruns of daytime soaps, was home to reruns of many different (mainly teen-oriented) dramas, including the aforementioned Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Veronica Mars, as well as Beverly Hills 90210.

So RIP, SOAPnet, you have provided us with many good vegging hours.