9 Gorgeous Leaf Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Rep Your Favorite Season — PHOTOS

If your answer to the question What's your favorite season? is fall, here's your next tattoo idea: A leaf. Whether you love seeing leaves shift from ubiquitous greens to fleeting reds, yellows, and oranges for the sheer beauty of it, or because it holds special meaning to you, wouldn't a leaf make a perfect tattoo? I think yes. Especially because, like a snowflake (or, you know, a person), no two leaves are identical.

But even if you're not that into all-things-autumnal (hey, it does start to get pretty cold), the vast symbolism available behind a leaf still makes it perfect tattoo-material. It can represent anything from the beauty of nature, to renewal, to where you're from, even to aging gracefully (to name a few). Plus, it just looks pretty. Really, the options for shapes, sizes, colors, and even meaning are kind of endless when it comes to inking a leaf. Take these nine folks below for example. While each opted for a leaf tat, they are all unique and as beautiful as the ones we wait to see change every fall. And yeah, they're totally going to inspire your next piece. So whether you love to watch the leaves change and fall or watch new ones crop up, here are nine that'll make you want one on your body, like, now.

1. For The Love Of Leaves

Traditional colors and a heart cutout make for some seriously cute ink.

2. Veins

Showcasing the veins of a leaf is just beautiful.

3. Fern


4. Simple Pt. 1

How fun would it be to switch up the fill color with temporary watercolor tattoos?

5. Simple Pt. 2

I'm sold.

6. Faded

I mean, c'mon. So gorgeous.

7. Stencil

A basic outline is so dainty.

8. The Change

For those who love the whole cycle.

9. Intricate

OK. On a scale of seriously amazing to seriously amazing, how amazing is this fern leaf?

Yeah, you're right. They're all seriously amazing.

Image: @the_witty_and_pretty/Instagram