Is Sawyer Fredericks Going On Tour? 'The Voice' Winner Will Keep You In The Loop

You know what I was doing at age 16? Avoiding my chemistry homework, working at a pizzeria, and perfecting the art of the sitting out during gym class. But The Voice champion Sawyer Fredericks is not a typical, lackadaisical kid. No, he's a whole lot more focused than that. I mean, with that much talent and charm it's no wonder why he clinched the title during Season 8. The question is, though, is Sawyer Fredericks going on tour? Because I don't know about you, but I'd really like to catch a show of his.

From what I've gathered, Fredericks does not seem to be on tour at the moment. But just because he isn't headlining his own one-man show, does not mean he isn't performing. According to his website, the last show he played was on Oct. 12 in Nashville, Tennessee. I'll admit, it's a bit difficult to find tickets to see the singer perform, but if you really want to get a chance to see him live, there are definite ways of being in the know.

First, it would be wise of you to follow Fredericks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On his social media accounts, the teen frequently posts about his new journey as a Voice winner and that includes informing fans about his shows. Another way to be in the know about his performances is by signing up for the newsletter sent out by his website. Or, by visiting the "Contact" page and submitting a request for more information on concerts.

While you may be a bit bummed that there doesn't appear to be an official Sawyer Fredericks tour just yet, it's nothing to get too worked up over. Clearly, he is on the path to doing bigger and better things, and I'm sure a tour is in his (and your) future. In the meantime, though, you can have your own private tour at home by tuning into his YouTube channel. Problem solved.

Sawyer Fredericks on YouTube