New 'Sherlock' Season 3 Trailer Shows Sherlock's Hilariously Awful Best Man Speech

If you are one of the lucky few (a.k.a., one of 63.23 million people) who live in the UK, your life last night was blessed by the first new episode of Sherlock since 2012. Was it amazing? Was it perfect? Was it everything we've all hoped for and more? I can't tell you because THE US HAS TO WAIT UNTIL JAN. 19 FOR NEW EPISODES. Until then, all we have are crumbs, crumbs of the UK's new episodes that will air every week for the next — well, two weeks. In other words: Here is a new trailer for episode two of Sherlock , "The Sign of Three," in which Watson gets married and Sherlock gives the absolute worst best man speech of all time. But aww, isn't he adorable in his little tux?

Considering the first episode of Season 3 won't air until Jan. 19 on PBS in the US, we won't actually see this episode, the second, until Jan. 26 — so until then, we'll just have to analyze this trailer to death to get our Sherlock fix.

The highlights: Watson is getting married, and he really just wants a lovely day with his newly not-dead BFF, Sherlock, by his side. Unfortunately, that is never the case with Sherlock, and shit goes down as he attempts to give a best man speech — instead of suggesting a toast, he suggests they play a game called "murder." This dude is FUN at parties.

You can check out the promo above. If you live in the UK, this episode will air on Jan. 5, on BBC One. If you don't... Jan. 26 in the US.

BBC on YouTube