'Better Call Saul' Might Bring Mike Back to Us, Let's Hope He Brings Kaylee With Him

By now, we've managed to exist for a few months without the promise of more Breaking Bad episodes. We're doing alright, but any ounce of intel about the series' prequel, Better Call Saul , is more precious than a pound of Blue Sky. The latest morsel, just in time for the new year, is that Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) is likely to make an appearance, according to an interview with creator Vince Gilligan on EW.com.

When asked who he's interested in bringing to the prequel series, Gilligan said, "The character that springs to mind would be Mike (Jonathan Banks). That would be a great deal of fun. I would say the sky’s the limit, at least theoretically speaking."

Fans of Breaking Bad are all too aware of Mike's heartbreaking end, left to die in the weeds along some unmarked waterway. Mike's presence as an unwilling criminal spirit guide was not only essential in Walt and Jesse's journey to drug kingpindom, but his seeming distaste for the cutthroat requirements of his "industry" endeared him to viewers. While Walter was enthralled by the power of running his own meth operation, Mike seemed trapped in the violent world, finding solace only in his fleeting moments with his granddaughter, Kaylee.

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It would almost be more satisfying to see some indication of where Mike came from and how he got mixed up with the neon-suit-loving Albuquerque lawyer. Of course, if we get more Mike, we're going to want more Mike and Kaylee — it may have taken us a while to learn about his more human side, but any future representation of our beloved thug for hire simply wouldn't be complete with out a moment between him and the center of his universe. Mr. Gilligan, there will definitely be bonus points in order if we get to meet Baby Kaylee — just think of the way Mike's face could melt from "troll living under a bridge" to "gooey, happy grandpa" in less than half a second.

Mike's return isn't set in stone, but something (see: five seasons of amazing television) tells me Gilligan is not one to disappoint.