'Sherlock' Shot a Fake Scene Because Steven Moffat Wants to Mess with You & The Internet

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, creators and writers of the BBC obsession-du-jour, Sherlock (which was a ratings bonanza during its UK premiere last night) know that the Internet loves a bit of speculation. Considering their extensive work on the BBC's other International megahit, Doctor Who, it's no surprise that the boys decided to throw a red herring into the mix by way of a fake Sherlock scene filmed for the series premiere episode, "The Empty Hearse." Steven Moffat is into you and your hyper-obsessive ways, fair Internet: so he's decided to drive you all crazy to teach you a lesson: mainly one of "stop paying so much damn attention!"

Just to state the obvious, there are Sherlock spoilers for season two and three ahead.

The scene in question is short, featuring Gatiss as Sherlock's (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) brother Mycroft and the believed-to-be-dead Moriarty (Andrew Scott) shaking hands before parting ways. Some speculated following the season two finale, that Sherlock faked his own death (quite dramatically) thanks to Moriarty. Theories surrounding Mycroft and Moriarty's hands in the fake suicide of Sherlock ran rampant (way before the mini-episode premiered) across the Internet for much of the past year; no doubt fueling Moff's fire to really mess with them well and good.

Unfortunately for him, it seems as though the plan may have backfired — the video only today came to see the light of day thanks to YouTube user dbrloveless — on the duo, who were probably all-too-certain that those Cumberbitches and Sherlockians would be quick to upload and cause a feeding frenzy of the highest speculative order. To which we say: ha ha! Look who's won this time, Moff!

Check out the clip — complete with exasperated fangirl gasps and "what the fuck?!" exclamations, below:

dbrloveless on YouTube

And remember, folks: sometimes it's OK to step away from the Internet and leave the hypothetical storylines to the professionals. Sherlock premieres January 19 at 10PM on PBS.

Image: dbrloveless/YouTube