Tina Fey Returns To Weekend Update On 'SNL'

I don't know about you, but I never got over Tina Fey leaving Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live . Best anchor ever, right? She had the perfect combination of super insightful commentary and razor-sharp delivery. Colin Jost and Michael Che are getting better — I especially like when they do segments together, since their back-and-forth is great — but they still have nothing on Tina. She'd definitely be inducted to the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Hall of Fame if there was one. So, it's with extra glee that I get to say Fey made an appearance on Weekend Update during Tracy Morgan's SNL episode.

She'd already popped up once in the episode, during the monologue, which featured an extended 30 Rock reunion. But the Weekend Update desk is where she truly belongs, so it was perfect that she was the first guest on this episode.

And, of course, she chose to do a rant about something feminist: The decision by Playboy magazine to stop publishing nude photos. She pulled no punches: She described the "ultimate goal" of a Playboy Bunny — something the Bunnies had to work their way up to — to be "a fake five-way with a 100-year-old sex monster." Oh, and she said she started her own porn website dedicated to armpit butts.

She then went on to observe, like many have, that the Internet made nude photos in Playboy irrelevant. "We can all sell our boobs now," she noted. "It's the sharing economy!" I'm not sure there's anyone else on the planet who'd phrase it exactly like that, but that's why it's always good to give Tina an open mic. It's been too long since she's been on SNL, so it was great to see her back. Even if only for a minute.

The video is below: