This Supercut of Famous People in Commercials Will Never Get Old

Well, they had to start somewhere — right? Uproxx put together a supercut of some of our favorite stars first gigs and it's pretty great. The video is the second posted by the site and it features some seriously familiar (not to mention award-winning) faces that we love. We'd be willing to bet that you don't remember seeing Golden Globes host Tina Fey in a banking commercial or promising 2014 nominees, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and The Wolf of Wall Street's Leonardo DiCaprio, selling you everything from cereal to chewing gum. But they're not the only notable faces in the video titled "Before They Were Famous #2".

Other commercials featured in the round-up show The Office's Steve Carrell in what might have been his first sales role and 22 Jump Street star Channing Tatum in a car stunt because he "forget his Dew." Basically, you'll be really happy that there's video-proof of some of our favorite stars' first gigs because they're hilarious. And some of them should be happy as well — the video pokes fun at Leo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese longtime collaborative relationship by saying that maybe he saw him in this Bubble Yum commercial in the late-90s. Anything's possible I guess? Here's the video:

Our official favorite? Definitely Aaron Paul's inner monologue during the Corn Pops commercial.

Image: Screen Junkies/YouTube