What You Need To Know Before Buying Jeans

I love shopping, but shopping for jeans? That's a whole different story. It seems like such a simple task, but finding a pair of jeans that fit you, are comfortable, and are stylistically what you're looking for is apparently near impossible. The struggle is really real. If you're on the hunt for denim, here's the one thing you need to know before buying your next pair of jeans. It'll make things a little bit easier, I promise. So what is it? You absolutely need to know your correct jean size.

You might think you already know exactly what size you are, but every brand is different, and that means sizes will vary. You could be one size in a certain brand, try on another, and suddenly be two sizes larger or smaller. It's not you, it's the jeans. So you're going to one-up them and know your size before you even get into the dressing room.

Feeling comfortable in a pair of jeans is the first step towards finding the perfect pair, and it won't matter what color the wash is or if they're high-waisted or distressed if they are falling off you or way too snug. So let's at least solve that problem and then finding the ideal style will be way more fun.

1. Grab A Tape Measure

You'll need a standard tape measure that can measure flat and curved surfaces to take down your stats. (Tape Measure; $2.49;

2. Measure Your Waist

Your natural waist starts one inch above your belly-button.

3. Measure Your Hips

Stand with your legs together and wrap the tape measure around your hip bone at its widest point.

4. Measure Your Inseam

Your inseam runs from the bottom of your foot to your crotch.

Once you have all your stats, you can refer to the brand, the store, or the website's jean measurement chart to make sure you're trying on the right size.

Images: Unsplash; Waizy79/Pixabay; JoAnn