ModCloth Gives Back With Schoola & Malala Fund

I love when fashion gives back, and that's exactly what one of my favorite retailers is doing. Mocloth partnered with Schoola to raise money for the incredible Malala Fund. If you haven't heard of the Malala Fund, the charity organization was started by Malala Yousafzai, the seventeen-year-old Nobel Prize winning young woman who was shot by the Taliban after speaking out on behalf of women seeking educations in Pakistan. The incredible young survivor began the fund to help support education and advocate for girls seeking schooling. Now, Modcloth and Schoola have combined to assist Yousafzai and her organization in their mission.

Schoola is the brain behind the fundraising with Modcloth with the Brands Give Back campaign. The incredible organization partners with many brands to operate as a tandem commercial and giving organization. Schoola garners clothing donations in conjunction with the brand partnerships to donate money to school arts programs that are typically the first to receive cuts when money becomes tight in school districts. The organization has worked with retailers such as GAP, Adidas, and Land's End. Now, they're adding a couple more — like Modcloth — and donating proceeds to the Malala Fund. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like going shopping for a cause!

Modcloth has donated several incredible pieces to Schoola including dresses, rompers, and skirts that are all reduced to a fraction of their original prices. The flash sales mean that forty percent of proceeds go toward the Malala Fund, so you an totally rationalize purchasing more than one thing. Not to mention, it's Modcloth, and the pieces are gorgeous!

Brands Give Back has released a new sale each week in October, so there is still one more week left for a new sale. Other brands participating in fundraising for the Malala Fund are Tea Collection and Gymboree. On top of the work with these brands, Schoola is also accepting clothing donations in order to specifically benefit the Malala Fund, and while I adore the other brands for participating, nothing beats a great Modcloth dress.

The cause is worthy, and the fashion is fantastic. I've always been an admirer of Malala since reading I Am Malala, and I love anything that supports her charitable work. This partnership is definitely one of my new favorites, and I've even discovered Schoola, an incredible organization that I'll continue to support.

Images: Schoola2u/Instagram; Schoola