6 Rock Veterans Who Made Comebacks, For Better or Worse, in the 21st Century

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So far, the 21st century has been a rather sad one for rock n' roll. It's becoming very clear that the sexy, shaggy-haired devils who were romping around in tight leather jeans in the '60s and '70s are aging after years of abuse and debauchery finally took its toll on their bodies. The passing of rock legends such as Dio (Black Sabbath), Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Lou Reed (The Velvet Underground), and most recently, Phil Everly (Everly Brothers) mark only a few of the tragic losses. It’s the end of an era, so we classic rock fans are getting that sinking feeling of “Who’s next?”

Luckily, many rock vets are doing reunion tours and even releasing new albums to the glee of legions of fans, old and young, who want to see their heroes perform before it’s too late. These comebacks also give the younger generation the opportunity to hear a style of music that is mostly absent from today's mainstream. Of course, it’s not exactly the same; some of these guys look like they’re about to drop dead. Others seem to be trying too hard to stay relevant; regardless, it’s impressive to see them get up there and do what they love, whether or not the results are actually any good.

Here are six rock stars who have recently made a determined comeback.

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