Who Is Nazy's Boyfriend Josh? The 'DASH Dolls' Guy Is Social Media Shy Compared To His Famous GF

Some of the DASH Dolls cast have significant others who love to provide drama. But, compared to most of her cast mates, Nazy's boyfriend, Josh Stroh, is totally normal. Sure, he's been known to post a strange video to his YouTube account every now and again, but mostly, he's stuck up for his GF, they are both on the same page about being together, their relationship has lasted for longer than a couple of dates, and he hasn't been arrested. And, for the high-drama DASH Dolls, that's pretty good.

Anyway, since Josh and Nazy are pretty normal, that means that there's nothing super crazy about Josh's personality or personal life. But, he does have some quirks. Like anyone in the reality TV sphere, there's always a question of whether or not everything about the guy on the show is totally honest, but, just like his girlfriend, it seems like Josh is the voice of reason among the DASH boyfriends.

And, compared to Nazy, Josh really isn't that famous, and it seems like he's happy to stay that way. He has a few thousand Instagram followers, but the man has only eight tweets, and if he promotes anything on social media, it's always DASH Dolls. Who knows what revelations the remainder of the DD season has in store, but for right now, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

He Breaks All Of The Rules

The sign says don't feed the animals, but of course there's Josh holding a leaf. At least he's not handing the giraffe a peanut butter sandwich or something — he's not a jerk, just a rebel.

He's Super Into Working Out

And it sure seems like that's working out for him, if you know what I mean. I mean that he is in very good shape.

He Sticks Up For Nazy

The big moment on a recent DASH Dolls episode was when Nazy and Josh ran into a huge jerk and Josh stuck up for his lady when she was feeling uncomfortable. He's neither afraid of conflict nor did he make the situation into a bigger deal than it was. Very good conflict management from Josh.

But, He Also Teases Her

A girl who spends as much time on her hair as Nazy does probably does not appreciate getting it wet. But, it looks like Josh went for more of a teasing splash than the jerk move of really ruining her blowout. Good boyfriend etiquette.

He'll Be Present For The Most Awkward Double Date In History

In the next episode of DASH Dolls, Nazy and Josh are going to be witnesses to Durrani's anti-Taylor meltdown. Hopefully they both turn out to be on the right side of history and try to help Durrani chill out before she starts another feud this season.

He's An Outdoorsy Kind Of Guy

Josh Stroh on YouTube

Josh's homemade rope swing makes the Hollywood Hills look like some kind of mountainside jungle. Makes sense, since Josh is always posting pictures from out on a hike or while camping.

Josh Strohm and Nazy Farnoosh are, so far, my favorite couple on DASH Dolls. Or, at least, the ones who seem like the most fun to hang out with. They both have a good sense of humor, seem to care about one another, and are always doing some crazy thing around LA, whether it's Nazy knowing about the best places to buy skincare or Josh's love of riding motorcycles. I hope we get to see more from them this season!

Image: Screengrab/E!