'Office' Star Gets Long Overdue Sitcom

In a word, this is going to be awesome. According to Entertainment Weekly, The Office and This Is the End star Craig Robinson's new sitcom has officially been given a six-episode order on NBC, after lengthy discussions that have been going on since at least July 2013.

Though the sitcom is still in the early stages of development — some scripts have been written and presented to the network, but that's about it — the working title is reportedly Mr. Robinson, a play on both Robinson's name and, of course, the character of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. The plot itself sounds kind of School of Rock meets Bad Teacher without Jack Black or Cameron Diaz, yes — but in its defense, it is a good concept.

According to NBC, Robinson will star as a musician who starts working as a middle school music teacher, and ends up teaching the kids "everything from rock to the blues" while he "simultaneously learns how to put the school’s rules to the test."

No word yet on when we can expect to see this show on the air, or whom Robinson's co-stars may be — according to TV Guide, the other actors who were hired for the pilot, Larenz Tate, Amanda Lund and Jean Smart, have not been signed for the actual series. What is confirmed, however, is the show's executive producers: Mark Cullen, Rob Cullen, Howard Klein, Mark Schulman.

Image: NBC