This Crayon Wax Pumpkin Decorating Idea Is Way Cooler Than Any Jack-O'-Lantern

The story behind this crayon wax pumpkin decorating idea is one you have probably heard before. First we tried carving, and nearly lost a finger. We tried painting, but it just seemed too basic. We tried covering the entire pumpkin in glitter, which resulted in our kitchen floor forever looking like a pixie threw up all over it. Clearly, we were in desperate need of a simple and awesome DIY pumpkin decorating idea for this season. Luckily for you, you can skip the mess above, and follow along to find out how to make this abstract and awesome creation.

We have all done the crayon drip on a canvas before (or at least, have seen the project floating around on Pinterest), but with fall in full swing and Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to give this updated, seasonal version a try. It is a very simple DIY that involves just one box of crayons, one pumpkin, some glue, and a blow dryer. Seriously, that’s it! Check out the tutorial and tips below to make yourself this masterpiece, and pat yourself on the back for going above and beyond the standard jack-o'-lantern this season. You won't regret it.

First, a few tips. Depending on if you’re using a plastic or a real pumpkin, different glues might work best. I used a real pumpkin, and found halfway through that super glue was my best option. For a plastic option, I’ve found that a hot glue gun works best.

Depending on the wax and texture of your crayon, you may find it hard to get the glue to stick. Try different glues and crayons until you find the best combo for you. (My combo: real pumpkin, super glue, and Crayola crayons.)

Line your work area with paper towel or newspaper — these crayons will splatter depending on the angle you hold your blow dryer at.

When using the blow dryer, I used low heat, and it took about 30 seconds to one minute for each crayon to melt completely. Angling the blow dryer different ways lets the wax splatter all over your pumpkin!


1. Wash your pumpkin with cold water, and dry completely.

2. Cut crayons in half, and unwrap the top pointed portion of the crayon.

3. Glue crayons pointing outward, and around the tendril (handle) of the pumpkin.

4. Let glue dry completely, and then apply heat. All done!

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