Will Channing & Bey Actually 'Lip Sync Battle'?

I all but burst into a ball of fire Monday afternoon when I read that Beyoncé and Channing Tatum are set to appear on the same episode of Lip Sync Battle. It seemed bey-ond too good to be true: Yoncé versus Tatum? Are you kidding me? What a time to be a living person with cable! Visions of Queen Bey doing body rolls to “Pony” by Ginuwine danced in my head. Well, I guess it was too good to be true: According to E! News, this Season 2 battle will not actually be a Chan versus Bey battle. Womp womp. Instead, it will be a Channing Tatum versus Jenna Dewan-Tatum battle plus a Beyoncé cameo. Hey! That's a pretty stellar turn of events! Not only is that an adorable pairing, but Beyoncé will be there too! Womp womp rescinded!

Sure, I was a tad disappointed when I learned that the “Get Me Bodied” singer and the Magic Mike XXL star would not be competing against one another after all. The Bey versus Chan seed had been planted, and I was not quite ready to move on. But then it hit me: the Channing versus Jenna duel will be a gift. I mean, this is the talented, charming, and ridiculously attractive husband and wife duo who met on the set of Step Up. It'll be a dance-tastic battle royale for the ages.

So, where does Beyoncé fit into the episode? E! News confirms that the Grammy Award-winning songstress will join Channing onstage when he lip syncs to one of her songs.

Yoncé and C. Tatum. Together. On the same stage. At the same time.

My body is ready.

Image: tescotommo/tumblr