Here's What Really Happens On Halloween

October 31 is just around the corner, and what is a holiday without high expectations, mild discomfort, lukewarm emotions, and a BuzzFeed video about Halloween expectations versus reality to sum it all up? That may be #dark, but perhaps that is the perfect description for this Hallowed eve. (Aha. I'm scared for myself right now, thanks.) When you were young, the dawn of autumn and change of leaves and chill in the air meant it was time to thrust your little body through the doors of your local Party City and find the best combination of polyester sheaths to call a costume. After many moons, you grew to understand that Halloween as a ~young adult~ meant inappropriate and/or wildly uncomfortable costuming, giving candy rather than receiving it, and generally watching the sparkle in your eye fade out to a dwindling ash as you realized that the magic of this holiday is, truly, in the eye of the beholder.

If this dramatic yet deeply accurate description has struck a chord with you, I am about to affirm the sh*t out of you, or rather, this video is about to do it for me. Behold, a full-fledged "expectations vs. reality" that will speak to the #truth you have been feeling for years. After all, the only way to get through anything — but especially busted-up pumpkins, the (actually quite gross) taste of pumpkin spice, awkward costume parties, and the weird "crap what am I going to be" stress that crops up on us all — is through commiserating. It seems the horror of the holiday isn't coming from lawn decorations anymore.

We start at the beginning, right at the end of summer, when you sincerely commit to coming up with the best costume possible.

Cut to October 30 — aka, reality.

What you think is going to happen at the party:

What actually happens at the party:

Check out the rest of the video here, and cringe with the accuracy. (It's too real, the staying in part, it's just too real.)

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