What Halloween Will Look Like In 2025

Have you ever wondered what the future of Halloween looks like? Unless you happen to be visited by a ghost of Halloween future this year (please, not me), you can take a glimpse into Halloweens yet to come with Windstream's handy cartoon. If you don't know, Windstream is an internet service provider, and they've put together an awesome little infographic showing how technology will change the way people enjoy Halloween in the year 2025. The infographic includes parents and kids trick-or-treating, as well as innovative new security and entertainment ideas.

The infographic is a result of Windstream's report titled "Smart 2025: The Future of the Connected Home and Community." The report is interested in the "connected home" and what that will look like in the future, as an evolution of what the "connected home" is today. The report predicts that, "At the end of 2013, 74 percent of US households had broadband, and 60 percent of the population had smartphones. That defines a huge addressable market of close to 100 million households with the key foundations in place to support connected home devices and services.” The infographic then applies that prediction to Halloween, and imagines a spooky, not-too-distant future that's made extra fun with a few technological advances in connectivity. Here are some of the Halloween treats we can look forward to:

1. "Health Tracking Apps To Alert Parents When Kids Have Had Too Much Candy"

2. "Virtual Reality Will Allow Trick Or Treaters To Attend Virtual Haunted House Tour"

3. "Parents Will Be Able To Monitor Their Kids To Know Where They Are At All Times"

4. "Kids Will Use 3-D Printers To Build Costume Props"

Check out the full infographic below:

Check out more Halloween fun below!

Images: Disney; Courtesy of Windstream; Giphy (4)