Watch Aubrey Plaza Rock Out on a Sax

Hey, everyone remember that one episode of Parks and Recreation where April does everything she can to hide Ron Swanson's secret identity as a rockin' jazz musician named Duke Silber, and he's really proud of her and she's cool with it because it's a diversion from the monotony of her day-to-day life in a tiny town that she mostly hates? This video is kind of like that, only not at all. In the new music video for Cassorla's "Bona Fide," Aubrey Plaza plays the saxophone like Duke Silver himself taught her, and I'm sure if he was a real character who somehow came across this music video even though he doesn't really use the Internet, he'd be really proud.

But seriously, this music video is pretty much awesome. Aubrey Plaza kind of has a knack for making all music videos she appears in way better than they'd be without her, actually — remember J.C. Brooks & the Uptown Sounds' video for "Rouse Yourself," for instance? She was barely in it, and still, it was at least 10x more awesome with her as opposed to without.

Oh, yeah, also Cassorla is the solo project of guitarist Ben Cassorla. That's not him in the video dancing 'round the Staten Island ferry, though — that would be Nick Cregor, a performance artist.

Check out the video below.

Image: Getty Images