Blue Ivy Got Some Amazing Fan Art for Her B-Day

The elusive Blue Ivy Carter turns two today! While she's still only spotted now and then — usually as an arm or leg appearing in a photo of her mother — Blue Ivy has been honored on her birthday with an entire Tumblr page. And no, it wasn't set up by Beyoncé who has found Tumblr fame (in addition to all other types of fame) herself. The page appears to have been created by a fan group that runs the Instagram page @weheartbeyonce.

The Tumblr is called Happy BDayMissCarter and it contains hundreds of pictures of people wishing Blue Ivy a happy birthday. Many fans are shown holding up hand-written notes to Blue Ivy and there are also a number of collages of both the well edited and poorly created in MS Paint variety. There's GIFs too because Tumblr wouldn't be Tumblr without GIFs.

Now you're probably sitting there wondering why none of your friends (aka a normal person's fan group) created a personal Tumblr page for your birthday and... I don't really have an answer to that. Probably because it would only contain a couple pictures from your two friends that always have their shit together and everyone else would write on your Facebook wall a week later that they forgot but "hope you're doing well."

Blue Ivy though, that girl's got a lot of people out there who apparently have it together enough to either write her name on a sheet of loose leaf or make a collage of all of the other Blue Ivy well wishes that is so great Beyonce posted it on her website.

Here's some of the standout submissions:

This is the one Beyoncé found worthy enough to post to her personal site.

Girl, please flip that pic. Sadly, she was not the only one that had this issue.

This one was one of the better edited collages. It's pretty interesting...

Then there was this. An strange computer painting done either over an actual photo of Beyoncé immediately after giving birth or, more impressive, by referencing said photo.

Happy birthday Blue Ivy Carter! We here at Bustle will choose to honor you by not creating weird artwork of your face.

Images: Beyonce/Tumblr; HappyBDayMissCarter/Tumblr